It's Time to Fix Your Blogging Process:

Use the SEO Content Factory software to clear away the "speed bumps" that make blogging painful, and write more, better articles more easily...

1. Get Ideas
SEO Content Factory will feed you ideas to blog and tweet about.

Instead of hunting for inspiration on 100 different websites, make it come to you. SEO Content Factory subscribes to blogs, news searches, Twitter searches & lists, YouTube, forums, etc...anything with an RSS feed.

2. Create Content
You've got an idea -- now turn it into something unique.

When you find something interesting, select a quote and click a button to display the editor (no need to copy and paste). Then add a few comments, or write a full-blown article of your own around the idea. How much unique content you add is up to you. It's as easy as commenting on someone else's blog, but instead, you get content on your blog!

3. Post to Your Blog...
You're done editing -- now publish it with ease.

Select a blog or Twitter account, set any options you want (like blog categories), and click "Publish". You can post to all of your Twitter accounts and WordPress, Blogger, Posterous or Tumblr blogs from one installation of SEO Content Factory.

4. Share
SEO Content Factory also makes it easy to share on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Use the "Try It" link at the top of this page to launch a live demo and see for yourself.

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"Antone, I was intrigued by the link to the ebook in your signature. So I downloaded and read "How To Build an SEO Content Factory" and learned a very nice system for content curation... thank you very much for giving that away as a free ebook."

-- Dr. Mani

The SEO Content Factory software is not one of those spammy auto-blogging tools. It's a power-tool for real bloggers like you. Discover ideas to write about, create, and post original content, faster and easier, all in one place. It also does lighter-weight content discovery and curation, and supports tweet scheduling and social network sharing.

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